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A Dissertation On Natural Phonology Stampe


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1965 to present
A dissertation
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This dissertation is an attempt to discern the nature of liquid consonants. The evidence amassed here principally addresses questions of the featural content of liquids along with the hierarchical relations among those features.

One of the major findings of this study is the phonological validity of the class of liquids, defined as rhotics and sonorant laterals. Further, liquids are actually differentiated from each other by place features, not by manner features.

I demonstrate that there is no need to add manner features to the theory to distinguish among liquids. The objective of this chapter is to see what phonologically unites the various lateral types and also what divides them. We see that laterals are defined by a Corono-Dorsal place of articulation complex. Both coronal and dorsal activity is motivated phonologically and phonetically for all types of laterals. I also show in this chapter that the feature lateral is redundant and phonologically invalid.

Rhotics have long been grouped together, but have rarely been examined for phonological classhood. The evidence presented in this chapter supports a phonological class of rhotics, despite the lack of a single defining phonetic characteristic.

I further claim that all rhotics have a non-primary Laminal node. Thus, in creating natural classes, it is crucial to specify only the features that correctly describe the set of phonemes without giving any more information than is required. For more on this topic, see our tutorial on Redundancy. While each of the features in Table 5 provides a way of classifying phonemes, it is not necessary to include all features in a description rather only those that are relevant in distinguishing one set of sounds to the exclusion of all others.

Some features overlap and some can be predicted from others; predictable features are referred to as redundant. Just as languages differ in terms of types of phonemes, they also differ in which features are relevant. Languages have a default value for phonemes that need not be specified if they are otherwise predictable by virtue of their membership in another feature class.

These basic features are referred to as underspecified since they are understood to always be present. For example, in English [-back] vowels are also [-round] such that if a vowel is a member of the group [-back], it is automatically a member of the group [-round].

There is no reason to specify roundness for [-back] vowels since only one option exists. For example, generally, if a language has a more complex version of a phoneme, it can be assumed that the less complicated version exists.

The complexity of a phoneme is determined by several factors such as those that are most common cross-linguistically across most languages and those that children initially acquire.

Using distinctive features can be a good way to explore the phonemes of a language and gain insight into natural classes, both in specific languages and cross-linguistically. Phonological Theory and Analysis. New York, New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. Return to Phonology Tutorials.

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Sep 11,  · Related Post of Buying a dissertation n natural phonology neural network research paper vggl systematic review of . the readers because much of the discussion in the dissertation presupposes the paper. The dissertation was originally without footnotes. I have added some here as 'Afterthoughts, ' mostly to explain some subsequent changes in the theory. These are not intended to be exhaustive.

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Natural Phonology: division of processes a) Prosodic process (Donegan and Stampe, pp. ; p. ; Stampe, ; Donegan and Stampe, ) These are processes whose proposal is to project timbric material (words, sentences, etc.) on rhythmical and melodical structures. a dissertation on natural phonology stampe David Stampe is the author of A Dissertation On Natural Phonology ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews)Get this from a library! A dissertation on natural phonology/10().