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Oliver Cromwell?

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❶As in , it is likely that he owed his position to the patronage of others, which would explain the fact that in the first week of the Parliament he was in charge of presenting a petition for the release of John Lilburne, who had become a puritan martyr after being arrested for importing religious tracts from Holland.

Oliver Cromwell, Early Life

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Cromwell in Battle

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Oliver Cromwell helped to overthrow England’s King Charles I. Cromwell was one of the members of Parliament who disapproved of the way Charles ruled the country. The conflict between Parliament and the king led to the English Civil War and the execution of Charles. For the last five years of his life Cromwell held the title of Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Cromwell.

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Homework aid help writing pathfinder paper. Trinomials family fraction geiger counter Geography goverment Government government History health Healthy healthy diet history homework Law literary Mathematics money . After the Civil War and the execution of King Charles I, Cromwell became the lord oliver cromwell homework help protector of oliver cromwell homework help England.

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(–). The chief leader of the Puritan Revolution in England was Oliver Cromwell, a soldier and statesman. He joined with the Puritans to preserve Protestantism and the law against the tyranny of King Charles I. Cromwell was made lord protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland in December and held that office until his death five years Cromwell. Get an answer for 'Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or villian?Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or villian?' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes.

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