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Biology term paper kingdom? Help with pre algebra homework.
additional science coursework help

Stanimal , Aug 22, Hi, Just been on interchange to see that they have really marked us down. Knocking 10 marks off some of the best pieces of work. It seems strange to do that this year when they have never done it to us before. Core science is going to be a problem.

Teo - This is also the first time that we have been moderated. I think I will speak to our exams officer when next in school as a printed copy usually comes with the returned work. The feedback for all biology,chemistry, physics plus additional science is virtually all the same apart from a few words here or there.

I think we may appeal Stanimal , Aug 23, This is exactly what happened with our feedback and adjustments - biology are unadjusted yet the physics and chemistry have been hammered. I wonder if, before your adjustment, that biology and physics were higher than chemistry and the adjustment have brought all three triple science pass rates into line with each other!

A very similar story for us: Additional Science untouched but Chem and Physics hammered. Highest Physics scores knocked down by 9 marks. Reasons given where indeed wooly and generic - some very strong hints of cut and paste between all subjects eg refer to COSSH and Hazcards for risk analysis for potential divider experiment involving 2 x 1.

GCSE marks at our centre have hardly ever been adjusted before. Is something rotten in the state of Denmark? Geth , Aug 24, The adjustment has only really had impact on the biology pass rate. I did use the exam analysis tool on interchange to see the difference between our core science this year and last year in terms of the controlled assessment. Something is certainly rotten in the state of Denmark!

They then request a sample of the coursework. Sometimes the sample asks for a few named pupils work, sometimes it asks for loads. I am told that marking it takes ages, it is usually checked by two teachers.

Marks have to be pretty spot or the board will moan. They have a habit of dropping everyones marks if the teachers mark too high. Hence teachers want this stuff in well before the board ask for marks to be sent in. Also sending in the marks involves a load of paperwork for some poor sod. As far as candidates at centres go, marks have to be sent to be received by the exam board by 15th May at the latest.

Then the exam board will request the sample it wants sending off during the following week or two. The centre has to respond immediately to this request, so most schools probably collect all coursework together and store it in a central location prior to the marks being submitted.

The following link may be useful: Your teacher should know it after all it is in their interest to see you pass your exams so that their placing on the league tables improves and the funding for next year is even better!!. Last year I think it was about a month before the actual exam OCR gcse science coursework - Loft insulation?

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OCR Science Coursework A Level Science Coursework If you need additional science coursework help or more information on science course, GCSE, etc., then you can get more help on those areas.

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