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Make Money Writing Articles: 37 Blogs That Pay Up To $300 For Your Guest Posts

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❶Chetan Gupta Nov 02,

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Fixed-Rate Sites

These sites are often more reputable and established in their niches, and pay you a fixed fee per article instead of the pennies that roll in from rev-share sites. This site is simple to use: The only drawbacks is you need to apply for your own Google AdSense account, which can be hard to get approved. You can share not only articles but also videos , audio clips and photos. You can also add affiliate links to your Tecks to boost your earnings.

Bubblews is a mix between a revenue-sharing site and a social network. However some people have been paid by Bubblews. Dailytwocents operates on a similar model to BubbleWS, though with two differences. We emphasize finding money to make writing a realistic career. A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

Smashing Magazine is an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers, with a focus on useful techniques, best practices and valuable resources. SitePoint provides cutting-edge content for web professionals — developers, designers, programmers, freelancers and site owners. Photoshop tutorials for beginners to experts.

Learn tips and tricks on how to use Photoshop for photo editing, manipulations, designs, and more. UX Booth is a publication by and for the user experience community. Our readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers, but anyone interested in making the web a better place to be is welcome. Crazyleaf Design is a web design, illustration, and programming company.

We build functional, standards-compliant and aesthetically rich unique web sites. AppStorm brings you not just reviews of great and not so great apps, but we also round them up into categorized lists, give you how-to tips and tricks to get more out of them, and combine it with a healthy dose of related news. You can contribute to any of those websites and get paid for it. From defining the latest tech buzzword to exploring enterprise-level decisions, Techopedia aims to help you understand technology.

This is published daily to , readers and focuses on tips and tricks the average computer user can utilize. We are also seeking feature articles for our website covering any and all aspects of computing. Make Tech Easier focuses on computer tutorials, how-to, hacks and fixes. Wise Bread is a community of bloggers here to help you live large on a small budget. GloHoliday is a travel articles site that provides complete resources for traveling all over the world, including holiday destinations, festivals, public holidays, hotel booking, flight information and travel tips attracting thousands of monthly visitors.

And yes, she got paid! At Viator we believe that travel has the power to make the world a better place. This is our place on the web to share our passion and inspire all of us to make that next trip. TheExpeditioner is a travel site for the avid traveler featuring travel articles from some of the best travel writers in the world, as well as travel news, commentary, insight and video from a premiere team of bloggers from around the globe.

MetroParent is an online parenting community offering expert advice, stories on parenting trends and issues, and numerous ways for parents to enrich their experience raising the next generation.

Alaska Parent is a free, full-color family and parenting magazine, published 4 times per year. WorkingMother is the digital hub of career-focused and entrepreneur moms, including best companies to work for, tips and features focused on work and home.

Vela has taken steps to help close the byline gender gap by publishing exceptional nonfiction written by women. The Sun is an independent, ad-free monthly magazine that for more than thirty years has used words and photographs to invoke the splendor and heartache of being human. Grasslimb is a twice-yearly literary journal featuring prose, poetry and artwork. Wondering how to find more freelance blogging gigs? Okay, before that let me give you a word of caution about the above mentioned blogs, websites, and magazines.

There is every possibility that ALL the above mentioned websites are already getting a ton of guest post requests. Because they are inviting everyone. So, be first or be smarter. Becoming first is obviously going to be difficult.

But you can definitely become smarter. Some residencies require you to teach a workshop or give a reading during your time there.

Focusing Your Efforts Grant money comes from either public sources like the federal, state or local government or private sources namely individuals or foundations. But before you surf the Web or wander the library, begin your research with your own career plans and dreams. What project are you most excited about right now?

Make a list of what it would take to get that project completed. For example, when Debra Gwartney was writing her memoir, Live Through This , she needed time more than money. So she put her efforts into applying for residencies.

She ultimately won two—a month at Hedgebrook in Washington State and three months at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in New Mexico—and the resulting book was published by Houghton Mifflin in Deciding what you want can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. How do you decide which is the right project to pursue next? You need only to have completed a first draft of the work for it to qualify for the list. To compile my list, I sorted through boxes stashed at the back of my closet, where I discovered abandoned screenplays, poems, dramatic monologues, personal essays and book-length manuscripts.

The first item on my list—from —is a letter of complaint I wrote and mailed to the director of a summer camp I attended when I was I have almost entries, many published, most not. This powerful exercise showed me in concrete terms where I was coming from.

When the list was complete, I saw the trajectory of my passions as a writer and I knew exactly what I wanted to work on next. Begin your grant research with your own desire and passion for your work. This will ground you and focus your efforts throughout the process.

Preparing the Application What makes grant writing daunting is that no two applications are exactly alike. However, the more applications you write, the more you realize that they all require similar elements. Think of the artist statement as your manifesto.

It speaks for your work and answers the question of why you write what you write.

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Tired of writing for pennies (or peanuts or whichever cliche for crappy pay you prefer) and ready to earn money online for real? We’re tired of it, too. That’s why Carol started paying for posts a few years back — and why she upped her rates to $75+ last fall.

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Being able to write and earn money online can be very rewarding. You can choose to work with the clients or websites that interest you most. You also get to enjoy working at your own pace, setting your own price (as demand for your writing grows) and you get to enjoy a steady income.

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You don't need a writing degree or a portfolio of published articles or an "esquire" after your name to write for Cracked. In fact, we're pretty proud of the fact that we've got the lowest entry requirements in town. Free Money for Writers. By: Brian A. Klems Without grants, she would still be a writer—and most writers can’t live solely on grant money—but grants have helped her write more, market more, earn prestige and hone her craft. In short, grants can propel a writing career. And even just the act of applying for a grant, regardless of the.

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Writing for online markets seems to have gotten a bad reputation. I blame the rise of “content mills” that pay writers a pittance (think $5 or $10 for a feature-length piece). A lot of writers now seem to think that writing for the Web means writing for peanuts, but that generalization is untrue. How to Create a Good Article - StepsThink of the topic you want to write your article remember proper grammar, punctuation, and elevated embrapa.gabe it for't write an article if you don't know what you're doing. (2 more items).