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The Great Salt Lake Food Web

What happened?

❶Such as what the organism eats, what it is eaten by, a description of the organism, where it lives, and any other connections it has to the Great Salt Lake.

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You need to keep hold of the end of the yarn throughout the game. This game will only work as long as each student holds on to the yarn after they have thrown it. Keep telling facts about organisms and tossing the ball of yarn until every student is holding part of the yarn. Once a giant web has been created in the circle discuss what everybody notices about the web, such as the importance of each organism in the web.

This represents the energy flow of the Great Salt Lake food web. Talk about what could happen if something happened to one of the organisms causing death or extinction to that organism. Give an example of pollution and have each organism that is affected by the example let go of the yarn they are holding.

Discuss as a class what is noticed. The students should observe that the whole web begins to fall apart. The teacher will assess based completion of the information cards and participation in the activity. P re K Education. Canvas Logins Find an Institution. Resources and services for Utah Higher Education faculty and students such as Canvas and collegEmedia. Services and resources for learners of all ages.

Our goal is to educate, engage, and enrich the lives of Utah residents through broadcast programs and services. Contacts E-mail More Distance Education.

Time Frame 5 class periods of 45 minutes each. Summary To look at the energy flow of the Great Salt Lake food web, and the role of organisms and how they effect others in the Great Salt Lake ecosystem.

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The dome-shaped Tabernacle serves as the hub for the Mormon religion and is home to the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The Wasatch-Cache National Forest is to the east and north. Skiing along the mountain range of the Wasatch Front is quite popular and a draw to visitors. Many of the Olympic events will take place on this mountain range. Its mills and factories include steel, petroleum, and textile manufacturing.

Irrigated farmlands provide some agricultural economical input as well. Hay is the most important crop. Wheat, barley, and oats are also seen growing on the irrigated farmland. More than two-thirds of farm income is derived from livestock. Terrific place to raise kids. No stormy weather allowed, Mae. Oatmeal Cookies Utah farmland abounds in oats, wheat, and barley.

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The largest inland body of salt water in the Western Hemisphere is the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah. The lake’s basin is defined by the foothills of the Wasatch Range to the north, east, and south and by the Great Salt Lake Desert to the west. The lake is fed by the Bear, Weber, and Jordan.

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