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Physical Education Coursework

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❶My training programme Muscular endurance P. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website.

Strong GCSE PE Coursework

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There are plenty of places where pe gcse coursework and health studies meet. Students are expected to have a strong knowledge of anatomy to work in the field.

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Provide your custom Coursework specifications and we will assign a qualified and professional writer for you right away. Intensity- Intensity is the level of difficulty I set my exercise program and how hard I will work each time, in order to improve I will need to increase the exercise intensity over the exercise program schedule.

I will use intensity in my PEP by increasing the weights that I am using in my training session each week, this will make it more difficult each time and as a result I have increased the intensity.

I will increase the duration of my aerobic exercise. Type- Type is the variation of exercise you will be performing, it must relate to the section of the sport you are doing and is very effective in improving that specific area. Specificity- This is the focusing on specific areas of the body that needed to be improved upon, e.

Progression- Progression is the improvement of your abilities over a period of time and increasing the level of difficulty of your exercise by a number of different ways over a prolonged period of time. Progression will be a key factor in my Physical exercise program as in each week I will be attempting to increase repetitions of my exercises that relate to power and agility.

Overload- This is the increasing in physical demand of the exercise session you are doing, not necessarily an increase in duration or repetition of the exercise but more of an increase in stress of the exercise upon your body. Very similar to intensity, e. The increasing in weights of bicep curls and lateral raises in my Training sessions. Reversibility- Reversibility is the losing of the body benefits you have gained from exercising if you stop exercising for any given time due to any given reason e.

By doing my exercise program daily I will ensure that no reversibly will occur.

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This will help you organize your plan and create an outline for the written assignment. Weobley help with gcse pe coursework High School's PE department. Coursework help pack for GCSE PE ( Specification). Included is a power point to deliver along with a pupil planning booklet which will provide them with the framework to complete both the Analysis and Evaluation components of the coursework.4/4(1).

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GCSE help & advice ; GCSE coursework help and sample essays ; GCSE coursework help and sample essays. The following are tips for GCSE coursework. The tips are not for any specific subject but a general idea for content to include in all of your coursework. Feb 22,  · CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE. Help With Gcse Pe Coursework. GCSE Physical Education – AQA Coursework requirements and non-exam assessment (NEA). • Analysis and GCSE PE specification at a glance. Component 1.