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❶The questions are simple so that the lower band students can access them but obviously the upper band students can add more depth to their responses: Actriz , Jan 19,

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The stuff that came from Edexcel earlier in the year was about clarifying what is already in the specification. There are two other things that need mentioning: The second thing is more political: Our cohort is as strong as usual. Lots of schools are getting this new spec right and I expect you are getting it right as well. It certainly sounds like it from the rest of the thread.

ArthurDent , Jul 16, I find as a one person department it is the best and only way to bounce around ideas. Hi all, I will get these emails out to you a. Once I am back in school for a moment, hope the SoW are ok. We have meticulously gone through them to try and make them address all aspects of the exam spec.

Not just me then eh? It looks like we are back guessing if Edexcel are going to raise the Raw boundaries to placate press and government. I am presuming that UMS are staying at for a C grade. Arthur, you stated that we are getting the spec right and marking fairly and accurately. The reward for this professionalism could be poorer grades than we expected. It is not centres that are being cynical if that is the case -it is the exam board for bowing to pressure.

It is also right to criticise the board if they do move the goalposts as that renders our marking as inaccurate -surely!

In a recent email from the board Raw C was 28 for Paper1. My estimated grades are based on last years boundaries and, yes, I have marked lower in paper 2 - as I was told I was generous at the top end. I fear that these hard working pupils will end up disappointed on results day. If these pupils are marked for a C -give it to them. If you are browsing this thread please consider the excellent points made previously by contributors.

Maybe some nice stat person might drop the Paper 3 Raw boundary.!! Which elements were used? Who in your group do you feel worked particularly well in this task and why do you think what you think? Who in your group do you feel struggled in this task and why do you think what you think? How well do you think you personally did in this task and why do you think what you think? Let me know what you think. I was also thinking about using a more structured log book this year.

They had a booklet which we did in retrospect in which I summarised the lessons and they did a check list of the strategies, mediums and elements used under each lesson.

I think perhaps I could use that as part of the ongoing log book? We did a sort of similar thing to you with the use of questions. For example, I found that the annotating type ideas were more successful with the lower ability, and they really struggled to write in prose, even with structured questions. However, I found the higher ability were limiting themselves in these sorts of tasks.

Elrae, you have hit the nail on the head! For a lot of schools, they only really start to get students to log what they are doing when they reach GCSE, the idea of logging work should start in year 7 so that the stduents are already aux fait with the idea of what they need to and when they need to do it, they shoiuld also be using the language of the GCSE in their KS3 lessons. Gurdelia , May 17, In my case it IS a two year journey and I have no option on it.

They then take the notes not continuous prose into controlled conditions. I am happy to share. We have had huge success with them.

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GCSE Drama is a good preparation for many A levels, most notably Drama, English Literature and Classics. Conclusion analysis Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.

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Gcse Drama Coursework Help | Tecnogasthai. However, the time allocated for writing help coursework in help to the amount of time given for an exam can mislead some students because of a false sense of security. The truth is, the coursework is as gcse challenging and coursework as an exam, although they are different.

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GCSE academic essay writing help Drama coursework gcse Drama coursework help ahead how much written paper written coursework help in coursework drama coursework rubric builder. Please enter coursework valid email drama or phone number. Drama a premium individual assistance is online university for creative writing as easy as it may seem. GCSE Drama Coursework The script I chose to perform was entitled The Zoo Story and was written by Edward Albee. I made a few alterations to the script to make it more interesting and easier to perform.