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Ten tips for finding a good ghostwriter

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❶Earlier I used cheap options like fiverr but the quality of the texts was terrible. Sorry for the delay in replying.

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What if I’ve written most of my book already?
Observations on life and writing from a former ghostwriter.
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First, you should be looking for someone familiar with the subject of your book, and who is willing to spend the time to get to know your vision for the project. You also need to find someone whose personality gels with yours, and whose style appeals to you.

Communication is absolutely key when reaching out to prospective ghostwriters, to ensure you make the best decision for your book. It is important that you feel completely safe from the get-go, and ready to entrust the ghostwriter with the inner secrets of your story. The most common one is to sit down with them figuratively, or in real life , and have them record your story.

Andrew Crofts, one of the ghostwriters on Reedsy, gives a good idea of what the process should look like:. You will meet up again, tell them if they are going wrong and put right anything that they have misunderstood, or that you forgot to tell them at the first meetings. They will then produce a final version.

In reality, the process can of course be longer, and require more back-and-forth before you get to this final version. You can also ask your ghostwriter to share the chapters with you as they write them — though that should be made clear from the start.

Like all of the professionals on the marketplace, Reedsy ghostwriters have been carefully hand-picked by our staff from thousands of applicants.

We have done all the background checks for you to ensure the ghostwriters on our website are veteran professionals with an established reputation. They are used to working with publishers, agents, and first-time authors alike, so they will be able to help guide you through the entire process. All standard ghostwriting contracts contain a non-disclosure agreement, preventing the ghostwriter from revealing any information about the book and contract to any third party.

I am a disabled veteran and my problem is I can not really afford to hire a ghost-writer. I have the info in my head and know what I want to say, I just keep losing focus.

The one book I have the most problem with is the book of what I experienced in Vietnam and upon my return. Or perhaps you might know some ghost-writers who work for very low rates or for monthly payments? The other books i am working on — one is a romance and another a follow-up to the first book. I appreciate your help so far and hope you can give more advice if possible. Have a nice day and thank you again. Sorry for the delay in replying. Have you tried writing the whole thing as a letter to a long lost friend, telling them everything that happened in a conversational tone, just to get through the block?

I would suggest that you start by dropping a line to all the likely publishers and literary agents with a one page synopsis of the book, telling them that you would be happy to work with a ghost. That way you will get an idea of whether you are likely to find a home for the book once it is written. Then you will be in a better position to approach ghostwriters. Crofts, I am seeking the service of a ghostwriter for a Christian book and desire that writer be a Christian.

Anyone that you can recommend will be appreciated. I got about 6 chapters into it, maybe 10k words, and havent done anything for a full month. Everything about the service is custom.

To get started with Contently, you can schedule a chat and tell the consultant what your content needs are. ProBlogger is one of the most popular and authoritative blogs about blogging on the web. One of the ways the blog makes money is through a job board. The ProBlogger Job Board is where bloggers looking for jobs and companies looking for bloggers to hire meet.

The quality of the writers is high and the rates will depend both on the topic and the experience of the freelancer. According to official ProBlogger data, there are over 1, writers actively seeking work on their RSS feed.

They will also market your ad to their 42, Twitter followers and on the front of their website, which is viewed hundreds of thousands of times each month. On top of having freelancers experienced in the field of writing, ProBlogger also attracts professionals that specialize in design, web consulting, web development and marketing. All that you have to do to get started is sign up , enter your payment information and publish your job ad.

The quality of writers looking for jobs through AllIndieWriters is high and is affordable to fit within a wide array of budgets. Or, you can hire a writer directly from the Professional Freelance Writer directory. There are a few dozen writers to choose from who specialize in a wide array of topics.

AllIndieWriters was started as a resource for indie writers and publishers but the scope of opportunities expanded quickly but still features jobs for creative writers as well as business writer. To post a job on AllIndieWriters , you will be asked to fill out a basic form, select the project budget from low pay to pro rate and have the payment processed.

This is a job board that features more traditional jobs rather than freelance opportunities. Still, Indeed attracts numerous professionals and checking it out may make sense. One cool feature that Indeed has is the opportunity to browse through resumes and learn more about the freelance writers that rely on the platform for finding job opportunities.

Posting a job is free of charge, thus you have nothing to lose. Still, the chance of finding an experienced freelancer through Indeed is minimal.

It goes without saying that Craigslist is far from a specialized site. There are a wide array of listings, job postings, and other classified ads on the site. This is because connecting people locally is the main way in which the platform is organized. The quality of writing professionals that use Craiglist to find work will vary significantly, with no guarantee that you will find someone who is high quality. This means that you need to have a vetting system in place that will filter out unqualifed applicants if you choose to use Craigslist as your primary means of advertising for a freelance writer.

The support team will be responsible for figuring out whether a refund should be issued. To post an ad on Craiglist , you will simply need to choose the respective category and fill out all of the necessary information. The answer will depend entirely on your needs and your budget. ProBlogger is one such platform. Big freelance portals like Upwork are also great because they attract a huge number of professionals from all parts of the world. Many of the international freelancers working there have native language proficiency but they will charge a smaller amount than a freelancer from the US, UK or Australia, for example.

A combined approach will typically be the one that will give you the best results. Start with the platforms that give you an opportunity to publish a free job listing. Textbroker Textbroker is the first marketplace on this list that is dedicated strictly to finding writers and content creators.

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Oct 31,  · Ghostwriters are abundant and relatively easy to find: Simply do a web search for “ghostwriter” or go to an online clearinghouse like Elance or Guru. You can also enlist the help of an agency, such as Arbor Books or Legacy One/5(28). As you have a talent for writing and you want to write fantasy, you’ll probably find a good editor more useful than a ghostwriter. Personally, I never let an editor rewrite as they see fit. I find it works better if they tell me what they think is wrong and I fix it.

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A good ghostwriter can turn your story into a perfect book. Reedsy helps you find a ghostwriter for your book, who'll tell your story the exact way you want. Corey Blake hired Ghostwriters when CEOs and thought leaders wanted to find a ghostwriter to write their book. After working with dozens of ghostwriters, Corey transformed RTC's book writing and book publishing business. Hiring a ghostwriter isn't the best option for the writing of your book. Read my recommendations for an alternative approach to hiring a ghostwriter.