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AS Level English Language Coursework HELP! Commentary.?

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❶Stuck for ideas for the A2 English Language investigation

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English language a level coursework help
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I am doing the Edexcel English Lit course, and am studying two books for the exam, a poetry book for the exam, and Shakespeare for my coursework. It is looked upon quite highly by universities, and I enjoy it. It is mainly essay work, but the levels of homework will depend on your school. A level English lang or English lit? Answer Questions I want my loan today pag ibig Cebu city. French, Spanish and Art. What are the hours for a cosmetology student at Lawson community college?

Is religion the best way to keep the masses braindead? Do government schools produce people with critical thinking skills??? Would you want your children to attend Trump University? Gap semester - Bored - How to spend my time? Even if anyone could point me in the direction of any websites that may help me, especially if there are websites with example courseworks. Beccydoodaa Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to Beccydoodaa. Follow 2 I would strongly suggest you speak to your tutor s if possible because there is no way you can guess at this coursework and if you can it will have to be a VERY good blag.

You sound as though you have chosen a linguistic area to study the language of two children but you need to have detailed ideas of what you are going to study about the language of children: Is it the fluidity of their speech?

What is it exactly? Again I would recommend talking to a teacher or a trusted tutor who might be able to help explain things better. Aimai Follow 0 followers 2 badges Send a private message to Aimai. Follow 3 Hi, We were told that we had to include: Ideally make this specific to WHAT you are investigating.

You should try to refer to these studies through your investigation as you analyse your data. We split our work into four sub-questions. One on gramma, lexis, etc. An example may be: I really enjoyed it- I hope you can too. Analyse it how you like.

Use graphs, tables, even mind maps. Try to answer the question really. Make comparisons, explore similarities This is the main body of your study. What would you do differently? How could you expand your research? I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you get stuck. Follow 4 Thank you so much to both of you. You have both helped. I thought I might but that goes to show how little I knew! So thanks both of you, hopefully I can get a good draft together with that and then get help from my tutor when I go back to college.

Follow 5 Original post by Lulu87 Thank you so much to both of you. Follow 6 It took me ages to do mine - finally got a draft in. The phrases had to sound right, which made it even harder. I think that you must choose your frameworks on what is most appropriate and then your coursework will flow better. Also, think about starting with the basics and then add the more complicated stuff in later; this will help you to plan and organise your work.

Look for irregularities too - it is a key thing for child lang. PM me for anything else. Follow 7 I feel for you, I really do. At least you have a pretty good idea. I thought I had 2 pretty good ideas, and all the guys on here helped me research it and stuff. Then the teachers decided differently.

Yep, just me then!! Follow 8 Original post by dans It took me ages to do mine - finally got a draft in. Follow 9 I thnk that that is a very good idea.

I would only have one text for each age group though, and also scrap the pictures bit of it. Follow 10 Follow 11 Follow 12 Shuv Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Shuv. Follow 13 Try looking for this book: Follow 14 Just got my coursework grade and it was an A!

You can do a simple topic eg newspaper comparisons or child language, and can still get top marks.


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A2 English Language Investigation Coursework watch. I got a high A and I did the comparison between scientific language for children and that for A level students. Really really easy; sometimes the easy stuff can be the best as you can go into a lot of detail with it! A2 English Language Coursework, help! see more. Related university.

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Help with creative writing commentary for A Level English Language coursework - The Student Room. Can't see the right topic? Check out the All Nj creative writing contests page. Are you ready for university?

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Help with creative writing commentary for Creative Level English Language coursework watch. Here's english grammar homework help the info you need to be ready for GCSE results day. Start new discussion Reply. Homework help statistics mystatlab: English language a level coursework creative writing. Posted By: 11/09/; Uncategorized; Leave a comment; @juliannechloe not very clear.i dont even know if its objective,subjective or essay. .

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English language a level coursework help., September 11, September 11, , Uncategorized, 0 Yeah didn't do well on my history exam.. supposedly "jesus drove a ford" did not meet the requirements of a 5 paragraph essay. A Level English Coursework planning To enable students to succeed on this section, they need to: Section A • Formulate their assignment title carefully • Have Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to .