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❶Avalon Language Services Inc. During the periods to , and to , Nukunuku filed 46 false insurance claims using the names of 16 genuine clients, as well as his own name.

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Thanks Mark for helping me with my CV and interview training. The biennial celebrates new currents in contemporary Australian art practise. All of the finals for the FIFA World Cup Brazil will be shown live with breakfast dishes served to complement the nations playing to win the cup. Curated by Martina Copley the site-specific work responds to the architectural place of many movements, the foyer. Image courtesy Bridie Lunney. The publication comprises readings proposed by participants following the workshop.

This reader states that there is no now now, or that - as Russian literary scholar Mikhail Bakhtin put it - everyday anew we have to answer the questions addressed by art with our own lives. Fiona states; we met on Saturday, March 15 for a spontaneous workshop at Gertrude Contemporary, which assessed our artists, writers, curators, academics, etc.

The focus was oriented towards how institutional frameworks impact and inform our practices in an ongoing manner, from the perspective of the day to day activities that comprise our work.

The desire was to connect the situation taking place in this context to a broader set of concerns facing many who work within, and rely on, contemporary cultural infrastructures. As output of the workshop participants decided to create a reader related to topics around corporate funding, alternative institutions, and the social impact of art.

Without having a precise goal this collection called TiNNN could be followed by an annotated publication, be a starting point of a series of public events in different places, or serve as compilation for further discussions - in Melbourne and elsewhere. A pdf of the reader can be accessed on the aaaaarg website here.

South Ways is an open program of reading and discussion that seeks to define creative practices that are particular to the South.

It follows from the earlier South Project in seeking to position Australia within emerging south-south exchanges involving artists and writers in Africa, South Asia, Pacific and Latin America. Beyond reference to common themes, South Ways is a space to consider the platforms on which art exists.

This roundtable will address art that reveals its conditions. The Future Generation Art Prize established by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in is a worldwide contemporary art prize to discover, recognize and give long-term support to a future generation of artists. The Prize is a major contribution to the open participation of younger artists in the dynamic cultural development of societies in global transition.

All artists up to 35 may apply with their work without any restrictions concerning gender, nationality, race or artistic medium. This international artist residency program provides travel, accomodation and partial project costs for a three month residency period.

Applications are due 28 March and more information can be found here. It offers four emerging writers the opportunity to develop their writing practice, publish their work and gain further insight into the field of contemporary art writing.

The program contributes to the growth of a rich and insightful critical culture around contemporary art, providing participants with professional development and mentorship. Four applicants selected to participate in the program are teamed with a mentor who is a leader in the field and with whom they work to create two pieces of professional writing for publication. The Emerging Writers from New South Wales will be required to travel to Melbourne to meet with the Gertrude Contemporary Studio Artist on whose work they will be writing for the Studio 12 exhibition catalogue.

Anne Loxley, former Sydney Morning Herald art critic, has published numerous essays and articles. This does not need to have been previously published. Friday 21st March 5pm late applications will not be accepted. Email applications are preferred. Applications sent via post must be postmarked Friday 21st March. Email your application to: Recent debates have raised a number of questions about the nature and ethics of western artistic practices that appropriate from nonwestern cultures.

This forum intends to explore the colonial history of cultural appropriation in Australia, and to reflect on what continuities exist between contemporary and historical forms and strategies of appropriation. Gertrude Assembly is hosting this forum following discussion generated by the recent exhibition of work by Melbourne fashion label P.

Texta Queen uses the humble felt-tip pen to explore politics of sexuality, gender, race and identity in tangent with ideas of self-image and inter-personal relationships.

Texta also publishes widely on race and racism. Odette Kelada researches and publishes on whiteness, race and gender in Australian writing and the arts. Key interests include the constructions of nation, body and identity in creative representations and the pedagogy of racial literacy. Dianne Jones is an artist whose work deals with indigenous identity and cultural history. She is represented by Niagara Galleries. She also teaches a racial literacy course with Odette Kelada.

The program, which consists of sixteen non-residential studios, is available to artists in the first fifteen years of their professional practice and provided for two-year tenures. Through the ongoing importance of this on-site studio program the artist is placed firmly at the centre of the Gertrude Contemporary community. Work by the current Gertrude Contemporary studio artists will be exhibited in the annual Gertrude Studios exhibition.

Gertrude Studios opens on Friday 15 November, 6 - 8pm and the exhibition runs until 11 December. As part of the annual exhibition Gertrude Contemporary Studio Artists will be opening their studios to the public for one afternoon only on Saturday 23 November 1 - 4pm.

This is an exclusive opportunity to meet the artists and gain an invaluable insight into their practices. Gertrude Contemporary is pleased to announce the appointment of Emma Crimmings to the role of Director. From her formative academic speciality in art history and criticism, to acclaimed work as an independent filmmaker, Emma also brings to Gertrude Contemporary tremendous skills in curatorship and project management.

We are very pleased to appoint a Director who combines creative vision with such strong management and fundraising experience. Over three decades, Gertrude Contemporary has supported experimentation in the production and presentation of contemporary art through a unique combination of exhibition and studio programs, alongside innovative cultural exchange, professional development and public programs that acknowledge the increasingly multi-disciplinary nature of art practice.

Emma will begin her role as Director at Gertrude Contemporary in mid-January The ideal candidate has an in-depth knowledge of cultural initiatives and contemporary art, and an established position within local, national and international cultural networks.

The ideal candidate is a confident, open art-world professional who has a long-term vision for Gertrude Contemporary, and the necessary social and managerial skills to lead the organisation in the areas of artistic programming and organisational sustainability.

Reporting to the Chairperson and Board, the Director will provide organisational leadership in the pursuit of significant targets relating to artistic programming, audience development, fundraising, stakeholder liaison, infrastructure and securing a long-term housing solution.

The role will be integral to creating a sustainable platform for activities in the coming years, nurturing a vision that is both ambitious and feasible in a national and international context. The Board of Directors regards this appointment as an exciting moment for Gertrude Contemporary to build on its existing strengths and explore new opportunities.

Established in in a large converted warehouse in Fitzroy, Melbourne, and named initially after its address — Gertrude Street - the organisation has since expanded, transforming from an address to an entity, and changing its name to Gertrude Contemporary in Over three decades Gertrude Contemporary has built on its origins to accommodate the diversification of contemporary art practices. With the artist firmly placed at the centre of all our activities, we continue to position ourselves at the nexus between the production of contemporary art through our studio programs, and its presentation through our exhibitions, publications and public programs.

For more information or to request a copy of the Position Description please direct your enquiries to: Thursday 26 September, , 6pm for 6: We are pleased to announce that the sixth lecture of the Gertrude Contemporary — Discipline: In this lecture, On Friendship, Papastergiadis will consider what role sensory awareness plays in our knowledge of contemporary art.

He will argue that the answer to these questions requires more than just looking at art. The Gertrude Contemporary — Discipline: Contemporary Art Lecture Series is a collaboration between Melbourne-based contemporary art journal Discipline and Gertrude Contemporary. The series presents lectures on key concerns, artists and theories of contemporary art.

Throughout lecturers will speak from the perspective of a variety of different disciplines — including philosophy, cultural studies, art history and literary studies — as well as from academic and non-academic backgrounds.

His current research focuses on the investigation of the historical transformation of contemporary art and cultural institutions by digital technology. Art Place and the Everyday , Cosmopolitanism and Culture as well as being the author of numerous essays which have been translated into over a dozen languages and appeared in major catalogues such as the Biennales of Sydney, Liverpool, Istanbul, Gwanju, Taipei, Lyon, Thessaloniki and Documenta Contemporary Art Lecture Series.

Dockray, initiator of knowledge-sharing platforms The Public School and aaaarg. The Gertrude Contemporary - Discipline: Contemporary Art Lecture Series is a collaboration between Melbournebased contemporary art journal Discipline and Gertrude Contemporary.

Throughout lecturers have spoken from the perspective of a variety of different disciplines — including philosophy, cultural studies, art history and literary studies — as well as from academic and non-academic backgrounds. Sean Dockray is an artist, a founding director of the Los Angeles non-profit Telic Arts Exchange, and initiator of knowledge-sharing platforms The Public School and aaaarg.

His written essays address topics such as online education Frieze , the militarization of universities in Contestations: Jake Goldenfein is a Fellow and PhD candidate at the Centre for Media and Communications Law at Melbourne Law School doing socio-legal research on histories of communication technologies and the legal regimes governing them with a focus on state archives criminal records, photos and dossiers.

He has been a researcher at Melbourne Law School, New York Law School, and The Swinburne Institute for Social Research in the fields of intellectual property, media and communications history and theory, communications policy, privacy and media law. His recent publications cover topics such as police photography, informal media economies, legal accidents, and the history of the archive.

Also during her tenure, Gertrude Contemporary underwent a major rebranding with the launch of a new identity and website by Fabio Ongarato Design.

Glass-Kantor led the ongoing partnership with FOD and significant expansion in the publishing program at Gertrude Contemporary, which has generated multiple awards. Heavy Industries and was instrumental in bringing Australian art into an global context alongside international artworks within the Gertrude Contemporary exhibition program. She initiated the internationally acclaimed Independence Project, connecting Australian contemporary artists with peers and organisations in the region through residency and exhibition collaborations between Gertrude Contemporary and colleague organisations in Malaysia, Italy, Singapore, China and Korea.

We thank her for all her tireless efforts over this time. Her talent, knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication have been outstanding. Alexie has contributed a great deal to Gertrude during her time with us, and there is no doubt she will be missed by all. We wish her well in her new position.

Building on that history it is an organisation that I was honoured to lead and it was immensely rewarding to work in tandem with the talented staff and board to establish new pathways and programming partnerships.

Everyday I was reminded of the importance of community and collaboration: Gertrude Contemporary with its unique mix of studios and curatorial programs embodies the best qualities of creativity, generosity and exchange. Making the decision to leave was a difficult one, however I believe the organisation is poised to seize new opportunuties for growth and development.

I look forward to a continued involvement with this gutsy and vital institution. Glass-Kantor continues as Director - Senior Curator at Gertrude Contemporary until mid October, departing after the launch of The Somali Peace Band , the highly anticipated project presented by Gertrude Contemporary and Melbourne Festival as part of their annual partnership. We are pleased to announce that the fifth lecture of the Gertrude Contemporary - Discipline: He will contextualise these works within wider debates surrounding the relationship between words and things and between naming and mapping.

The lecture will also consider various questions raised by the resurgence in recent years of a variety of ahumanist forms of thought. In addition to his writings on literature in the Irish language he has published widely on contemporary art. In she completed a PhD in the field of exhibition histories. She writes regularly for Australian and international art journals and publications. The social life of the photograph — fallible, ubiquitous, promiscuous — is the subject of this program.

The undermining of photographic authority was a favoured sport of conceptual artists, who took the photograph to task for its claims to veracity, gravity and especially, the status of Art.

Experimental films by artists about photography tend to exploit the tension between the photograph as documentary record and its obvious constructedness, in the process raising the question: The volatile American filmmaker, Owen Land formerly George Landow, , earned a special place in the avant-garde film canon with works distinguished by their critique of romantic optics and prescient comment on simulation. Morgan Fisher uses the action of photography as a reflexive gesture to pick apart the mechanics of film production, and the apparatus of the moving image.

Japanese artist Takashi Ito probes the seam between the moving and still image. In SPACY, a film composed of entirely of still photographs, the viewer is catapulted into the recursive world of a seemingly endless roller coaster ride through an empty gym. My major intention is to change the ordinary everyday life scenes and draw the audience myself into a vortex of supernatural illusion by exercising the magic of films. Boobs A Lot is set to and in homage to the titular song by The Fugs.

Thirdly a dialogue between the images and posts themselves opening a myriad of relationships and readings. The OtherFilm - Gertrude Contemporary Screening Series presents screenings and events responding to exhibitions and stand-alone programs that survey moving image art. OtherFilm are driven by a central curiosity about the limits of the moving image, and its capacity to reorganise human perception.

Gertrude Contemporary is pleased to announce that New York based curator Lauren Cornell will give the fourth lecture in the Gertrude Contemporary — Discipline: Cornell is one of the most innovative curators practising today and is undertaking a curatorial residency at the invitation of Gertrude Contemporary, which has been supported by the Australia Council for the Arts. During her talk, Cornell will give a succinct overview of art engaged with the internet, and explore how the vastly accelerated circulation and distribution of contemporary art has facilitated the emergence of new communities, new aesthetics and formal trends and a host of discursive opportunities, and challenges.

Cornell will focus on her work with Rhizome, as well as recent exhibitions she has organized, including Free at the New Museum, and Circulate at Foam, Amsterdam, and briefly discuss her work as Curator of the Museum as Hub and The New Museum Triennale. During her visit to Australia Cornell will be researching for these projects, meeting with artists, galleries and other curators.

Her dynamic approach has been recognised internationally and she has co-curated two recent pivotal exhibitions; The Generational: Younger than Jesus, co-curated with Massimiliano Gioni and Laura Hoptman and Free , , both at the New Museum, amongst numerous other exhibitions. During her visit Cornell will be focusing on research and development for her current curatorial projects at the New Museum.

Contemporary Art Lecture Series is an exciting and rare opportunity for a Melbourne audience to hear one of the most critically engaged curators speak about key issues in media art today. Contemporary Art Lecture Series is a collaboration between Melbourne based contemporary art journal Discipline and Gertrude Contemporary.

Saturday 27 July, pm. As part of Octopus You can learn more about the exhibition and view images here. Since Maddocks law firm has awarded the Maddocks Art Prize in recognition of the importance of studio residency in contemporary art practice. Maddocks invites participation from five shortlisted artists currently in residence at Gertrude Contemporary Melbourne and five shortlisted artists from Artspace Sydney. The prize consists of a return air fare to Venice, accommodation in an apartment provided by Maddocks for a week during the Biennale and a stipend.

Previous recipients from Gertrude Contemporary alumni include: Her works occur as semi-permanent alterations to space, or as temporary sculptural responses to their particular locations. Monday 24 June, 6pm for 6: This is a free event and bookings are unnecessary. We are pleased to announce that the third lecture of the Gertrude Contemporary - Discipline: His lecture What do we talk about when we talk about contemporary art?

This lecture surveys the most important theories of contemporary art — including those by Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou, Boris Groys, Jacques Ranciere, various Octoberites and so-called Speculative Realists — in order to point out their strengths and weaknesses, and outline several possible new ways of talking about art.

Justin Clemens writes extensively on contemporary Australian art and European philosophy. His books include Psychoanalysis is an Antiphilosophy Edinburgh: Surpllus , a collection of writings on art; and, with Dominic Pettman, Avoiding the Subject Amsterdam: Vagabond ; the novella Black River Melbourne: He is also the co-editor of collections on and by such major contemporary thinkers as Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou, and Jacqueline Rose. He teaches at the University of Melbourne.

The second lecture of the Gertrude Contemporary - Discipline: Art and falling go hand in hand, and Rogers suggests, so too does politics. We can see the current politics of the liberal democratic, in which sovereign aggression is excused by sovereign care.

Where law both pushes the subject into the abyss in the interests of its protection, and where flesh is cut, tortured and even killed as a mode of justice. A contemporary democratic politics that embodies such paradox offers a thin space between the air and the ground, and demands the fantasy of endless capture, for some, and the foreclosure of the possibility that flesh may fall and not be caught.

She was formerly a community worker and then a psychotherapist. Her work is always a melding between psychoanalysis and law, that is, it is always a concern with the limit.

Female Circumcision, Torture and Sacred Flesh which will be out in July with Routledge, and she is currently working on a monograph on Remorse.

Maria holds a PhD in cultural history from the University of Melbourne. She has taught at universities and writing centres, directed video clips, written radio documentaries, contributed catalogue essays for galleries and museums, and forged ongoing collaborations with artists and psychologists. She is a Sidney Myer Creative Fellow.

Please note this exhibition and Gertrude Contemporary will be closed on Thursday 25 April due to the Anzac Day public holiday. Victoria is an award-winning artist based in London and has exhibited film installations across the UK and internationally. She has taught at a number of higher education institutions including the University of the Arts London. The work is presented as a multi-screen, layered projection that plays with the physical and virtual properties of the cinematic image allowing the viewer to inhabit and navigate through the work on multiple levels.

The circular incisions made in the projection screen remove the work from its inherent cinematic qualities and replaces them with references to the mechanical operation of the camera and perception and interpretation of the image by the eye. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is a sculptural work that makes clear reference to the final eight minutes of the iconic film of the same title.

A sculptural representation of this iconic cinematic scene, the work transforms this fictitious two-dimensional reality into a theatrical prop which, when activated by the presence of the viewer, is a clear three-dimensional reconstruction of this scene. The Gertrude Contemporary and Art and Australia Emerging Writers Program was established in to provide a unique opportunity for emerging visual arts writers to contribute to the critical discussion of Australian contemporary art.

The aim of the Emerging Writers Program is to professionally support emerging arts writers who are committed to a career in the arena of contemporary art and criticism. This program contributes to the growth of a rich and insightful critical culture around contemporary art, providing participants with professional development and mentorship. To view previously published outcomes of this program please see the Emerging Writers section on our website. The Directory is an international guide to independant art spaces "where contemporary art and artists are nurtured, interrogated and sustained".

See the New Museum website for more information and to explore the directory. The Melbourne-based contemporary art journal Discipline will be collaborating with Gertrude Contemporary to present a series of lectures on key concerns, artists and theories of contemporary art. The guest lecturers will speak from the perspective of a variety of different disciplines — including philosophy, cultural studies, art history and literary studies — as well as from academic and non-academic backgrounds.

The lectures will be held at Gertrude Contemporary throughout and are free of charge. The first lecture of the Gertrude Contemporary - Discipline: He has been lauded for continuing the radical experiments of Russian constructivism, criticised for not being truly experimental, and positioned as continuing an avant-garde tradition that somehow brings together the monochrome and the readymade.

Bringing together artists from Australia and New Zealand Reason and Rhyme explores the urge to structure and guide creative production through systems, grids and frameworks. This is the second exhibition in a two part collaborative exchange project with Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne.

It addresses the urge to locate oneself within the map or the doctrine, and to impose rules and structures across creative practice. Work in this iteration extends upon the first exhibition with the inclusion of a collaborative work by Starlie Geikie and Architect Helen Walter, and a new on-site work by Richard Frater and artist and curator Roman Mitch.

Join us for an artist and curator talk This collaborative curatorial team have recently relocated from Sydney to Melbourne and are eager to begin developing their proposed exhibition for launch in March at Gertrude Contemporary, in association with the Next Wave Festival.

The objective of the program is to professionally support emerging curators who are committed to a career in the field. The program contributes to the growth of a rich and insightful enquiry into emerging artistic practice and contemporary curatorial practice, providing participants with professional development opportunities and valuable technical expertise.

The talk is presented as part of the exhibition Unnerved: National Gallery of Victoria International, St. Saturday 5 February, The exhibition they are planning will be spectacular. Both are known as creative contributors to the contemporary visual arts scene through their work as curators and writers involved in cutting-edge art projects nationally and internationally. The Adelaide Biennial was established in and is staged every two years by the Art Gallery of South Australia as the flagship visual arts event of the Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Glass-Kantor and Bullock will begin working immediately on the Biennial, which will feature some site-specific elements and direct responses to the state art collection. As curators, we are moved by artists who explore the texture of the contemporary, how ideas emerge and reform over time.

Full details of the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art and the artists selected for inclusion will be revealed in the lead up to the Adelaide Festival. Courtin-Wilson will be joined in conversation by exhibition curator and Gertrude Contemporary Director Emma Crimmings. To book, follow the relevant link below: The Board, Staff and Artists at Gertrude Contemporary wish to sincerely thank and recognise Christine for her commitment to the organisation over the past two-year period as Director, Business and Operations.

With extraordinary professionalism, strategic vision, interpersonal care and creative problem solving, Christine has worked painstakingly to further the evolution of the organisation, comprehensively readying it for its next exciting phase of growth and expansion. Her leadership, strategic vision, organisational competency, financial acumen, passion for the arts, and dedication to working closely with others will be fondly remembered.

Christine departs the organisation in early June On behalf of everyone at Gertrude, we wish her every success in her future professional endeavours. Gertrude Contemporary is seeking a dynamic arts professional for the role of Director, Business and Operations to steward this leading cultural organisation in its exciting next phase of evolution.

To see more about this position, please Click Here. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Exhibition dates: This sentence does make sense. A performance held in studio 18 of Gertrude Contemporary, WNTR Collective seeks to embrace miscommunications, compromises and resolutions that come along with a collective practice consisting of 10 people.

Utilizing Studio 18 as a site to explore these nuances in conversation and communication, a series of tasks will be set. A timekeeper will be running in the form of a projection. All the while, collective counterparts will be following the exact same set of tasks, at the same time.. Saturday 19 November, 12—4pm Location: See the full schedule below: Click here to view the media release.

Schedule Wednesday 17 August 5 — 6: Please note this event is only accessible via stairs. Free 26 MAY Friday 12 February Saturday 13 February 11am Sunday 14 February Open to the public for soccer matches and picnics.

A full media release is available here. The lecture forms part of a forthcoming book on contemporary approaches to politics and art. A podcast of the event can be found here. Full media release here. Media release avilable here. Kate Newby 10 July — 22 August New Zealand artist Kate Newby will present a large-scale solo exhibition across all the galleries in addition to an off-site project, and will undertake a residency in Studio 18 concomitantly.

Image courtesy the Telepathy Project, Photo courtesy Helen May Grogan. United Parcel Service Inc. Technology staffing firm People Tech Group Inc. She will also serve as a senior advisor to STEMconnector, its professional services firm.

Pemberton-Heard most recently was group counsel, programming and business affairs at the Public Broadcasting Service. Medix is headquartered in Chicago and provides scientific, healthcare and IT staffing. Ide previously worked as a steel trader in Dubai before joining PRG in HealthTechS3, a healthcare consulting and hospital management firm headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn.

SThree reported group gross profit was as follows: It has since emerged that at least two Church of England cathedrals are advertising jobs on zero-hours contracts, while the church has confirmed that Amazon is one of its 20 biggest investments worldwide. Meanwhile, Norwich Cathedral is looking for a refectory assistant, calling it a "casual zero-hours post" on its website. John Nurthen, executive director global research at Staffing Industry Analysts said: In a letter to The Times, the Reverend Ray Anglesea, a United Reformed Church minister who worked on a zero-hours contract in a cathedral bookshop, said the archbishop "might have done well to have put his own house in order before addressing the conference".

Anglesea wrote, "What the Most Rev Justin Welby did not disclose was how many of his cathedrals are zero contract hour employers and how many cathedral employees have no job certainty, no sick or holiday pay, and no maternity cover.

A spokesperson for the Church Commissioners said: The availability of professional jobs in Ireland decreased by 2.

The monitor also recorded a decrease of On a month-to-month basis, the monitor registered a reduction of 7. August was the second consecutive month of robust job search activity among professionals.

Osborne Clarke, the international legal practice, announced that is growing its international team of staffing industry specialists with the appointment of new Partner Anna Elliot. Anna is a dual-qualified specialist employment lawyer with a focus on the recruitment and staffing sector. With more than 14 years of experience she has advised several major staffing companies on a range of strategic, public policy and employment issues both in Australia and across Asia Pacific.

According to the firm, this newly created role supports the company vision in providing best in class workforce solutions to the global technical engineering industries.

Leonie joins Fircroft from global airline giant Thomas Cook where she was Human Resources Director and responsible for leading a strategic business transformation programme involving over 6, employees.

Prior to Thomas Cook, Leonie was responsible for Talent Development at the Volkswagen Group, having spent over 16 years with the luxury automotive retailer, Bentley Motors. Global executive search firm Boyden has added Morten Winther and Henrik Harbo as managing partners to lead its Denmark operations working in both Copenhagen and Aarhu. Additionally, Marika Grote will serve as a principal and head of research.

Recruitment solutions firm Eames Consulting Group announced that it has appointed Daniel Navazesh as director of the contract and interim division in London. His responsibility covers change management, technology, risk, compliance and finance. The number of temporary employees in South Korea decreased by 3.

Meanwhile the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stood at 4. The number of unemployed persons totalled 1. At the same time, the number of employed persons totalled According to the Bureau, unemployment increased by 5, to , in August.

The number of unemployed persons looking for full-time work decreased by 7, to , and the number of unemployed persons only looking for part-time work increased by 13, to , Employment increased by 44, to Full-time employment increased 33, to 8.

During the same period the labour force participation rate increased by 0. Meanwhile, monthly hours worked in all jobs increased by 0. He also pointed out that digital disruption has already forced several universities to close in other countries. The urban surveyed unemployment rate in 31 major cities was 4. The surveyed urban unemployment rate is calculated based on the number of unemployed people who have participated in the employment survey in urban areas, including migrant workers in cities.

The dashboard worksheet allows you to examine rates and benchmarks by state and occupational group, as well as perform scenario analysis to calculate statutory expenses in dollars for various wage levels.

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