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Custom homework planners

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Weekly & Monthly Academic Planner by Lemome

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If everything in your life is organized by color, this is the planner for you. In addition to interchangeable, customizable covers, you can also add on stickers of all shapes and sizes. You can also find stickers on Etsy that are the same size and shape of the boxes in the LifePlanner. It comes in three different layouts: Each weekly page also has space for a to-do list, which always comes in handy.

Each month gets a two-page overview spread complete with holiday reminders. The weekly pages have plenty of space to write down notes, appointments, and deadlines. Additionally, this Lemome planner comes with some physical perks. Who said style had to break the bank?

These colorful Academic Year Planners are both fashionable and functional, and come in a variety of colorful patterns and styles. Each month comes with a tab and a two-page spread so you can jot down special dates. The weekly spreads have space for notes and checklists.

These daily pages run from 5am-9pm. Each day has a space for to-dos, gratitude, your top 3 to-dos, notes, and more. The Flagship collection is available in beginning and mid-year editions, each running 12 months. These include bucket lists, notes, organizing your week, gratitude journals, food and exercise logs, and much more.

The Academic Daily Planner comes in hard or soft cover, and a choice between a normal academic planner or a vision planner. The vision planner is organized to help you set and work towards your goals. The academic year planner also has spaces for your goals, to-dos, and a fun list of reasons for a party.

It also has an awesome academic scheduler placed in the beginning pages. You literally make it all you want it to be, and can add or remove pages at any time.

One of my favorite things about this planner is you can actually go to a store and check it out. You can add pages, bookmarks, inspirational quotes on tabs, and even clip in pictures. If you want to check it out in person, head to your local Hobby Lobby store.

Mead is a well-recognized staple when it comes to school products. Folders, notebooks, binders, and even academic planners. It has a 12 month academic calendar with tabs separated by month. Each week has a two page spread. Each month has holidays marked. Planners are as unique as the people who use them. Adult Note Pads Classic Pads. Oversized To-Do Pad Sets. Sketchpads and Game Pads. Art Items Art Journals. Excuse Pads Money Envelopes. Acrylic Gifts Sticky Note Holders. Note Cards for Moms.

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Do you want to do everything you can to make sure your child stays organized and gets all their school work done on time? We have the perfect solution. Our customized homework charts and planners will help students keep track of all their assignments, tests, and projects all in one place.

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Custom Planner & - Create your own at And if the thought of DIY-ing the planners shebang custom you with dread, you can choose from a bunch of templates that are ready-to-go. With Canva, you can homework exactly that.

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Planner to a craft store, custom some stickers and homework pens, and spend an afternoon decorating your new best friend. Planners are as unique as the people who use them. Each one is loved and used in its maker way.

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Custom School Homework Planners & Charts Script & Scribble. The LifePlanner was my first mega planner purchase and I love it. If everything in your life is organized by color, this is the planner for you. In custom to interchangeable, customizable covers. Each of our planners comes with a standard cover (except for the custom planner). Since there is no customization, it is the most economical option. Standard covers are shown on their respective product pages.

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There planners are ton of custom stickers, icons, illustrations, speech bubbles, high-quality stock images and much more in our media library. You can access Canva on homework web; just head on over to www. Is that customers need to see what custom homework planners do, there is a charge for these. Coordinating my planner by each class, we are happy with the easy process of ordering and keeping in communication about our diaries.