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❶CareerBuilder is no help, just a waste of time.

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We have done hundreds of resumes and still maintain a 4. Furthermore, we have a money back guarantee. Simply inform the editor that you worked with that you are unsatisfied and we will either work to resolve the issue or simply refund your money. I thought about having someone write mine but I found this link and decided to do it myself. I do believe it is better to write your own because only you know yourself best:. First, it is impersonal.

They ask you to forward adjectives about yourself, and jobs you are seeking. Then your resume is written from an obvious template. It is useless, full of misspellings, and inaccuracies. The inaccuracies can range from dates, to experience that is left out, and disjointed sentences. D- work in high school. Here is the best part, on the third attempt to get the resume up to a standard I would want to present myself, I am unqualified for the jobs I am seeking, and that is why they cannot help me regardless of how many times the service rewrites my resume to get it write.

More important than a resume is believing in yourself, because there are many companies and one 1 of you. GPD in Lakeland, Florida. Daniel Lomartra in Ithaca, New York said: Great info-think this is what I will try first. My brother went to Cornell - so, I feel good about that connection. Will report results back to this forum. Did it increase recently? Still a great value! Thanks for all the great advice on this thread. After struggling to write my own resume I finally realized I need some help.

Angella in Edmonton, Alberta. The problem is - and I do agree that you know your abilities best - it can sometimes be difficult to objectively view yourself. I am tentatively branching out into resume writing after years of reviewing resumes both professionally and for friends. I prepared my own resume obviously and get great response and compliments on it.

I doubt a resume writing service could improve upon that. And that includes your objective. Personally, I hate objectives - but that seems to be what is looked for now, so if it must be there I am in the camp that, yes, if you can do it yourself definitely do so! Also wanted to mention - when talking to a potential resume writer - that resume writer should be able to tell you exactly why your resume is not getting results. If they cannot, then they are merely resume reformatters and unlikely to have any real results.

James in Seattle, Washington. Pacenit in Powell, Ohio. Angella in Edmonton, Alberta said: Most of the time now, people are not getting jobs because there are far too many applicants and family and friends get to the head of the line. I doubt their resumes are better. Pacenit in Powell, Ohio said: Pacenit in Brunswick, Ohio.

You guys are bottom of bottom they will still not up date all of mine they keep telling me to do it my self!!!! Over the years, before I started preparing resumes myself I spent a great deal of time reviewing and revising resumes for friends and acquaintances. I have seen people go from not even getting a call back from employment agencies to employed in very short order after implementing the changes I suggested in their resumes.

While, yes, sometimes insiders get the job, in which case no resume is going to be good enough I am, by trade, a non designated accountant who regularly goes up against designated accountants for roles - getting both interview and job offers.

Resumes make a huge difference in a competitive job market. Skills do matter - but so does the presentation of those skills. Marlene in Los Angeles, California. I think hiring a professional writer is going to be a plus factor in getting a job. Professional writers knows how to approach employers and make them take a look at your resume. Now its up to you on how you are going to present yourself.

Guys, where can i read some real reviews of the different resume-writing companies? Just to know which one to choose. Pacenit in Englewood, Ohio. Burt Lange in middletown, New York. Alan David in Gold Coast, Australia. If you want a really good resume, at a fair price, check out www. Harpreet in Bellevue, Washington said: I will send you a inquiry.

But you live in Australia. Would you have enough context about what employers look for in United States? Sure, a large portion of our work is from the US, actually, it is from all over the world. We are up to speed with US resume requirements. I have written resumes and placed over 20, people in jobs from all over the United States from the desk of my home and guaranteed at least three job interviews to each individual.

I was also responsible for coaching each individual on what to expect question wise and how to respond with the answer the employer was looking for. This field of work is not easy and all you have is your reputation on the line so you have to be the best at what you do. So, I guarantee my abilities to help you gain a strong career opportunity.

I have gotten a lot of comments from managers about my resume. EconGuy in Cornelius, North Carolina. Despite what most people say looks and communications do matter.. EconGuy in Cornelius, North Carolina said: I would say being related to someone or being their friend trumps the looks thing. Even heard one admit they grew up with one of the top bosses. You never know how someone is connected, but the favoritism is always there. Yeah my scenario was next in line to that.

Criminals getting jobs in public service companies with no-offender policies etc.. I actually know a guy right now with no work history and a long criminal record who gets job offers at least once a week without even applying.. I have been amazed at what liberties employees with connections take. Or how they are treated or given special privileges.

And that works that way too, if a woman is very competent. Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada. I hired my own mother once so never underestimate the power of "Who you know". Whenever there is a limited supply, there will be a "black market" for those goods. It works both ways. People socially awkward for any reason are also marginalized even if the role requires no sales or support.

The exception being exceptionally talented people in highly technical roles. Usually those types can go into technical support, or sales. Al Einstein was noted to be different, and imagine him getting a job nowadays. I see it as the work opportunities are less than half the population needing work and people are going to hire the most skilled socially compatible person.

Unless the person is exceptionally talented. Stuff is so complex these days you can no longer market and sale primitive products, and things take years to develop, so just doing the entrepreneur route can only be considered as long-term strategy unless you have an investor and sub out work.

I know what you mean about employers wanting to hire the best looking or most perky, most bubbly. I am outgoing by nature, but I have a lot of times when I am not into fawning over others or smiling so much my face would hurt! Fiachra in Dublin, Ireland. I used a service that provided me with a great Linkedin profile and Cv. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Moreover, I used writing services to write my research papers this one is checked: For cv and linkedin services I would strongly recommend superiorcvsireland.

These resume writers provide unlimited free edits on your resume and cover letter until you get the job: Chiffy in Calgary, Alberta. Other than those it was very simple to create my account. I am in the desktop, laptop computer business. I have been in security for numerous years and they had a wide variety on the type of job I was looking for and within 15 miles of my home.

I used CareerBuilder not only for helping me to find a job but also helped me to put a resume together as most employers require that now and after being with the same company for 27 years it was difficult for me to even attempt getting a new job. It was easy to connect with prospective employers because CareerBuilder listed the job in great detail and what your qualifications needed to be. I will use CareerBuilder. They are pretty much state of the arts when it comes to pairing the right candidate with the right potential employers.

This saves time and effort when conducting a job search. But I wish they offered more potential prospective employers that are within my ZIP code, which would lessen my time to commute back and forth to work. I had to create an account. Thereafter, I also had to post my resume, and on occasion, I also had to update my resume to curtail it for the position I was interested in applying for. They have a great set up and a large variety of jobs to search through.

You can put up your resume so employers can contact you if you qualify for the job they are hiring for. I created an account so I could apply for open positions and upload my resume. But after a while, you can figure it out before you get frustrated and give up altogether. I am instantly connected. I made my account and downloaded my resume. I was connected with job opportunities that I qualified for. But I would like more job opportunities in the city I live in.

This would lower travel money providing me with the convenience of working close to home. This feature would help. I was contacted by a recruiter after responding to a lot of Admin.

I asked if they had even looked at my resume. Since it appeared to me that was not even glanced at. Why would recruiter want to waste mine? Five minutes give or take, she sent a listing for general labor and lawn service. If a company hires someone like that, I have no faith in them. Bad day, so what me too, I do not have a job, you do so you are ridiculing me?

Thanks but no thanks. CareerBuilder has always been off about jobs sent to me, but not like this. It has the ability to filter by annual pay, date posted, company, category, and hours. It also has the ability to save your resume. It is also fairly easy to use. But it has fewer jobs listed than on other websites. I am not sure how this could be solved other than more advertising or perks for employers to post their job openings.

I have not made an account yet because I prefer to use other websites. It is harder to look for jobs on this site due to the lack of jobs posted. I like this very much. I plan on using this a lot more in the future. But I would categorize it a lot better and have more jobs on there. I would also make it easier to get a hold of job opportunities period.

Nevertheless, I really like this website a lot. It was very easy uploading my resume and deregistering. It was easy to find a job. I found everything I needed and timely manner. You put in where you are looking for a job, salary range you are looking for. The way it is set up is just right! I put in my name, address, date of birth, education, what types of positions I was interested in and the area I was interested in with a mile radius all based on what the positions stated needed qualifications.

I uploaded my resume and posted it to the jobs that I applied for. I put in the types of jobs I was interested in and it was very easy to find those jobs because it came up with a list and then when I found jobs that I was interested in, I decided that I wanted to use the site to apply for those open positions.

It search jobs in your area and your radius is very helpful. The website is pretty awesome. I received a few callbacks each time I do applications. I love the website. Once you make your account it keep you updated daily. You keep posting jobs in your field. The website is pretty good and I would recommend it. At first I was not happy about having to make an account but it ended up working for the best in the end. It was very easy for me to make an account and find job listings.

Most of the listings led me to the application process. All of my preferences, information and search history are saved so that whenever I log on, easy to access and new jobs that fit my interest appear. I liked that I could find positions I was interested in with clear search terms and the website was easy to navigate. But some of the postings were unclear or irrelevant. There is always a job posting I can choose from and I like the filtering system also.

I made an account and it is simple and I was able to find job listings. I was actually lucky enough to get a job. But I would make resume building and also resume attached to the website. For example I want to be able to email my resume straight to the employer from the app. It was difficult to find job listings. I would improve the search functions. I had to use several different combinations of search words before I found what I was looking for.

I remember using Monster in the past and even that was slightly better. There should be some incentive for people to list on the site so there will be more options for people searching for a job. It was a little disappointing and discouraging and I went to other sites after this.

It was easy to create an account in CareerBuilder. I wish all applications were like that since most people find applying for jobs tedious and time-consuming as well as slightly difficult to maneuver around the website. But I enjoyed using this website. I like that I only had to do this once and CareerBuilder. I like how the website is set up. Some of the best options than any other website out there.

There are so many options to choose from and how you want your resume to be submitted. I like the fact that you can fill out your resume and the employers find you. There are so many employers to choose from. However, I dislike some of the options there that are not even necessary. I would definitely change the lengthy sign-up process. I would make the process a little more friendly. Nevertheless, the website prompted me to set up an account so I can easily submit my resume to different employers.

I used the website to easily apply for many open positions in my field of work. I even applied to open positions that were not in my field and each one were easy to submit my resume to.

The Career Builder website was very easy to navigate, and search for jobs in my area, and had more choices available in a reasonable distance from my home. I also, like the friendly but simple layout of the website. The only thing I would improve would be to remove truck driving from warehouse work. It also gave me a good idea of what career path I could choose and how well the job market is for those careers.

It was a somewhat satisfying experience. I made an account in CareerBuilder. It is very easy to find opportunities with their expansive search options. I have not applied Still narrowing down some options. But I think that is a great resource and I recommend it to others. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. To see why, sign up below! Are you this business?

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There are 3 most popular resume writing services in the world: Resume Planet, Resume Writers Service and Pro Resume Writing Service: According to The Washington Post, The Winchester Star, and The LA Times, Resume Planet is the best online resume-writing and editing service. Oct 01,  · On CareerBuilder's Resume page, you'll find several useful tools for improving your resume. One option is to get paired up with a CareerBuilder resume expert who will help you write your resume.

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Original review: May 24, On May 23, I received phone calls and text messages regarding a job offer where the caller stated they found my resume on Career builder resume writing service review In the age of online marketing and search engine optimization, rankings are paramount to your success. You would be shocked at resume many Service resumes are out there resume any form careerbuilder contact information.