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The berenstain bears homework hassle meaning - creative writing 250 words

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❶Sister cries and turns the light on, but Brother refuses to sleep when the light is on so he turns the light back off, which returns to Brother turning off the lights and Sister wailing. He buys computers for Brother, Sister, and Mama.

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Brother and Sister feel that their parents have nothing to say but negative things about their cubs and criticize them. Mama finds out that the "Parents Night Talent Show" is next Friday, but the cubs forgot to give her the notice they brought home, which makes things worse.

The play gently parodies their parents, with cousin Freddy and Lizzy Bruin as Brother and Sister of the play. The comedy routine is a hit with the audience. Mama and Papa find it funny and enjoy the play. The next day, Mama and Papa Bear dress up as the cubs and do the same thing and show the cubs what they thought about it from their own point of view.

Mama and Papa as the cubs run around rambunctiously, and Mama and Papa leave their cleaning objects and tools on the floors, which gets the cubs realizing that their parents enforcement of house rules serve a purpose. An unoccupied house across from the Bears has just been sold, and the cubs are curious who bought it. One day, the new family arrives to the house and they are a family of pandas. However Papa has trouble adjusting to the family because they are different from him. When Papa misinterprets their row of bamboo as a spite fence , he refuses to do anything to the Panda family, not even say "hello" in passing.

Although Papa does not like the new neighbors, the cubs visit them anyway and they make friends with them. Later, the family, even Papa, comes over with a gift of honey to them, and when they learn that the bamboo is not a spite fence, Papa accepts the new neighbors. Even if others are different, we need to accept them and show love. They may even think you are different. Mama thinks about how Sister and Brother will come back with complaints about how they do not have the things their friends have.

When they come home, They start complaining to their parents again. She tells them to think about what they have that their friends do not have. They count all their blessings and when they sit down together as a family, the lights go out. Brother and Sister hear a thunderstorm coming, which knocks out the power.

Luckily, Papa knows how to make a warm fire and Mama knows how to make cocoa over the fire. Papa knows a trick that can make the thunderstorm go away. They count each time and the storm is one mile away. After the thunderstorm, the cubs go upstairs to play with the toys they have, learning to be more appreciative of their possessions, and also are thankful for events such as Christmas and Easter which celebrate with candy.

Papa chuckles that he knows what to thankful for; a wife and children! When they go to confront him, they find him watching TV, and listening to a boom box. Until Brother gets caught up, Papa warns him that he will not watch television, play video games, listen to loud music or chat on the phone. He gets upset and goes for a walk. In the end, Brother and Papa sit down at the table together to take care of their respective work for it was a good lesson for the both of them. Sister finds gym very boring, so when she sees Lizzie with an excuse note after hurting her arm, she decides Lizzie is lucky.

After school, while getting off the bus, Brother and Sister are running and Sister trips on a stone and falls. Papa and Mama rush to see if she is all right. She sprains her ankle and she gets an excuse note. At school, she enjoys sitting around doing nothing while the other cubs participate in gym.

Eventually her ankle is all better, and one day at recess she forgets she is supposed to be injured and kicks a soccer ball that comes her way. Teacher Jane notices and points out that her ankle must be all better now. Sister complains to Mama that now she has to participate in useless gym again, but Mama explains to her how gym is good as it helps keep her healthy and helps her improve in other things.

Sister takes her advice and tries her hardest in gym, which in turn helps improves her athletic and sports abilities. One day, the Bear family goes to a supermarket to do some grocery shopping. It seems normal, that is until at the checkout, Brother and Sister see their favorite candies and make a fuss until Papa gives in to their behavior and buys them.

Mama tries her best to keep everything in order by not giving in, but Papa did not. On the way out to the parking lot, Brother and Sister spot a Bucking Frog similar to the Bucking Duck they ride at the mall. They begin to whine and beg, even worse than they did inside, and Papa gives in once again and buys them a ride. En route to the car, the cubs spot a stand that sells toy cats that squeak.

When they got home, Papa and Mama are upset at how their cubs behaved, which made them think that they have the bad case of the gimmies, dispute that it was their fault for giving in. He also tells them to appreciate all that they have. Brother and Sister understand, but things get worse when Gramps and Gran come to visit, only for the cubs to greet them by jumping up and down and yelling, demanding gifts. Infuriated and fed up, Papa angrily sends the cubs to their room and tells them no more TV or treats for a week, a month, or possibly even a year.

Lucky for him, Gramps and Gran state that they had a plan the next time they go out. Papa could pick out a treat, a book, or a toy before they ever left the house, and that was it for the day.

If he came down with the gimmies and began whining for anything else, they would go right home and Papa would get nothing at all. Papa and Mama think that it is a good idea, and so do Brother and Sister. They go to the supermarket for a few days later, and Brother and Sister get the treats they decided on at the house, Brother gets a book on dinosaurs and Sister gets a box of crayons.

However, as they leave, the Bear family spots a cub who also has the gimmies in the checkout. So one day Sister tells Mama about it. Part of the reason that Milton is a target is because he is very much like a "hayseed" who acts folksy and simplistic among others.

However, there is one sport Milton understands: Brother sends the principal a letter the next morning which secretly says that Milton challenges Too-Tall and his gang to a wrestling match. Too-tall and his gang accept the challenge, and Milton wins by falling on Too-Tall and his gang. Brother gets a bad report card, as his grades not related to Physical Education are very low. All of his classmates including Sister get good scores.

After Papa furiously shouts at him for doing very poor in school, Brother ends up getting grounded from sports, television, video games, skateboarding, rollerblading, and going out to movies with his friends. The whole family feels grounded after, since it would be unfair and a bad example if they do anything that Brother cannot do. Mama suggests that Papa went too far with grounding Brother, as she sees Sister being bored.

After a talk on helping Brother, Mama and Papa decide to help him. Sister even joins, helping Brother with his vocabulary. The next day, the whole family helps Brother study for a math test and do a science project. Brother does good on the project and test and comes home with two great grades, to be informed by Papa that he has been punished enough and that he will lift his grounding, on the condition that Brother agrees to never fall back again, which Brother agrees to.

When Brother and his friends used to play games, Sister would constantly tag along. She was slower than they were and had a tendency to whine, so all the older cubs viewed her as a nuisance. But as Sister gets older, she suddenly starts to become better than them at climbing, baseball, marbles, and other activities.

But after three days of no playmates, she goes looking for them and discovers they have built a neat-looking clubhouse in the thicket behind the baseball diamond that looks like a fortress. Her excitement turns to hurt feelings when the boy cubs add the finishing touch: Although Papa is initially furious and vows to make the cubs let her in the club, Mama suggests another solution: Papa builds it in the old climbing tree, and Sister and her friends bring a rope ladder, a tin can telephone, and a spyglass.

Mama explains to Sister that although the boys are being unfair and are sore losers, Sister had brought some of it on herself with her sore winner attitude. They celebrate the new clubhouse by grilling honeycomb and salmon, and the delicious smell brings the boys out of their clubhouse to investigate. The girls decide to invite the boys to share the meal, and afterwards, the boys invite the girls to their clubhouse in the thicket for a dessert of berries.

On the week near Halloween, Mama comes home with groceries, candy for trick-or-treaters. Brother and Sister try to surprise Mama by dressing into their costumes, and they manage to do so. That night, Brother and Sister and their friends Fred as a pirate , Lizzy Bruin as a skeleton , and Queenie as the wicked queen from Snow White , go trick or treating but just when they leave the curb to their house they meet Too-Tall Grizzly and his gang.

They learn that Too-Tall and his gang have only accepted on going Trick-Or-Treating under a mistaken belief that it is more fun and is about playing mean harsh tricks on older people. The cubs are worried when Too-Tall gives them an invitation to play tricks with them on Miz Migrizz and just before Too-Tall and his gang can start tricking Migrizz she hears the commotion and catches them.

But instead of scolding them she gives them candy apples for Halloween. The cubs realize that she is kind after all. They thank Migrizz and head for home. Brother obsessively collects all of the Space Grizzlies merchandise from action figures to movies to toys. No one else in the Bear family understands why Brother is so drawn to the toys, mostly finding it annoying when he leaves them all over the treehouse. One afternoon, Brother desperately wants to play Space Grizzlies and propositions Sister.

She agrees on the condition that Brother plays three games of her choice first. At dinner, Papa announces the movie Brother wants to see will be in theaters the next day. While Brother watches the Space Grizzlies movie, Mama and Papa and Sister see a different movie at the same multiplex called "The Magic Toeshoes", about a girl in a ballet class who cannot balance until she is given magic shoes by an old man, only to lose them before the big recital then to be told by the old man they were plain ordinary shoes, it was in her all along.

After coming home from the theater, and going to bed, Sister wakes up and tells Mama and Papa of being embarrassed in public. Mama tells her it was a bad dream; a nightmare. All the things she was seeing in her sleep were jumbled pieces of information she had experienced during her day. Although Brother initially scoffs at her fear of bad dreams, that night he has a nightmare about being chased by enemies of the Space Grizzlies.

Sister explains what she learned to him, and Brother better understands. The cubs know a lot about Bear Country, such as the best places for flowers, berries, and honey. Whenever they receive any money, either from doing odd jobs for neighbors or as handouts from Mama, Papa or their grandparents, they immediately run to the mall and blow it all on honeycomb on a stick and cheap toys. However, this idea is disapproved by Papa, who cheerfully suggests that this is the time to have a carefree childhood and that they will have plenty of money worries when they are grownup.

However, Papa is the one to give the cubs a dressing down about squandering. One day, when Brother and Sister are at the mall, they see a new game called "Astro Bear" at the arcade and run home to ask for money for it. Mama once again attempts to bring up the allowance idea, but Papa refuses, saying that they need to learn to earn their money, just as he did.

But when they start selling maps of the locations of all the best honey trees a family secret , Papa begins to worry. A startled Papa is silent, and Mama clarifies with the cubs that she and Papa worry about money, but the purpose of the earlier lecture was to see the importance of hard work and savings.

This time, Papa is the one who brings up the allowance idea. The bank is inside the mall, and adjacent to the video arcade, so Papa feels that since the cubs have learned their lessons about squandering, the entire Bear family enjoys a round of Astro Bear. Mama sarcastically says "No" at first, but then says, "Yes".

Initially, the cubs try to make snacks, but end up making only their favorite foods: The next few days the cubs go around asking their friends what they like. But nobody likes guacamole, cheese sandwiches, peanut butter, green onions, green peppers, tuna fish, mushrooms, squash, and other things like that, making them have to agree on boring "crackers and water".

But Papa comes to the rescue and says that he used to be a Pizzaologist in college and lets the cubs make their own pizza. Brother and Sister ride their bikes to the hardware store, where they find Papa trying to purchase a one and a half-inch carving set.

The family drives to the giant mall, where Papa brags once again that he never gets lost. Mama, Brother and Sister, go over the rules of the mall, but since Papa believes that he never gets lost, he abandons the rules and goes alone to find the hardware store while the family agrees to meet in the food court in one hour. Brother, Mama, and Sister look around the mall in a book store, a pet store, and a music store. They head to the lost cub center where they find Papa and Papa finally admits that he got lost.

The cubs show him where the hardware store is, and after Papa gets his carving set, he apologizes for the trouble he caused and promises to always follow the rules. She cannot scratch itches and play Jacks and such, so eventually she takes off the tape and her nail-biting habit gets bigger and bigger. Sister is excited about the idea. However, Gran gives Mama another suggestion: This way, the jingle of them in her pocket will remind her not to bite, and for every nail she does bite she must give back a penny.

The plan works, and although Sister has to give back a few pennies, she still gets ten fine fingernails and 93 pennies in ten days, breaking her nail-biting habit for good. On the day of the tournament, many cubs participate, even some boys like Brother and Cousin Freddy. Queenie turns out to be a disaster at jump rope, especially since she made the mistake of wearing dangly clothings and hoop earrings.

Sister wins the tournament and is cheered by all, and Queenie admits she has learned a lesson in what it is like to be humiliated, and pledges to turn over a new leaf. Mama is feeling annoyed because Brother and Sister keep playing the blame game with each other after every mistake and accident.

When the cubs break the vase, and Mama rushes into the room, they blame each other for breaking the vase by protesting about how the vase broke and why they tried to tease each other causing to break the vase. Just as Mama is about to lose her temper, Papa comes in and tells the cubs to instead solve the problem by cleaning up the mess.

They do so, but when Brother and Sister break the bay window with a baseball and begin the blame game again, Papa loses it as well until Mama helps them fix the problem. One day, Mama gets an idea from a magazine to turn their attic into a lovely family room. The family goes up to the attic and plan to turn the junk into cash and hold a big yard sale the next day. Eventually they have nothing to offer at the yard sale when they refuse to sell the treasures, so they cancel the yard sale and are able to clean up the attic enough to turn it into a family room.

When Brother becomes ill, Dr. Grizzly recommends Brother to stay home until he feels better. Brother is annoyed and overwhelmed with his homework and his place on the soccer team being disrupted by being bedridden, but Mama pampers him and gives him entertaining things to pass the time.

Brother enjoys these so much that he neglects the folders of makeup work Sister brings home for him. By the time he recovers, Brother returns to a bumpy start; he has faltered to a second-stringer on the soccer team as Freddy has been promoted to the first string, and he is forced to take a math test. Even in an unprepared state, Brother might have squeaked by on the test because he was good with division, but his mind was so distracted by faltering in position on the soccer team, causing him to fail and his test to be returned with all the answers incorrect and a remark saying "Very Poor!

Must be Signed by Parents". The next day, Brother becomes truant by intentionally missing the bus, turning his test into a paper airplane in an outrage of it both figuratively and literally, then walking down a dirt road ranting to himself how everything has gone wrong for him in soccer or academics. He takes Brother to a swamp with an old rusted carriage submerged in the peat, and tells that many years ago he was driving the carriage through a series of wrong turns until finally, in a rage, he drove it right into the swamp.

After the paper airplane is found, Gramps takes Brother home, to which Mama and Papa are not pleased to hear Brother was truant. But when Gramps shows he has taught Brother right, Papa signs the test and Mama returns Brother to school, commenting, "it is never too late to correct a mistake".

At soccer, the coach gives Brother his old position back as Freddy is not ready for the first string, but has been making progress. Rather than gloat, Brother comments to the coach "it is never too late to correct a mistake" and commends Freddy for sharpening his athletic ability.

Rather than getting even, Brother helps Sister in the art of self-defense and helps her vent her frustrations by creating a bean bag with a picture of Tuffy on front of it that she can punch. As the days go by she becomes more proficient at self-defense until the day comes when Tuffy is throwing rocks at a baby bird during recess.

When Sister stands up for the bird, Tuffy tries but fails to hit Sister and instead gets punched by Sister, ending in a bloody nose. Witnessing this, the teacher takes both cubs inside. Sister is given a warning but avoids further punishment because teachers saw that she was just trying to protect the bird. Tuffy is sentenced to a week of detention during recess as punishment for her poor behavior and has to visit the school psychologist twice a week.

One day, Lizzy Bruin invites Sister to play with her, which she happily accepts, and they start by playing house with their dolls. The video was about teenagers in high school, who often got angry and upset with each other, and often teased one another. Whenever the teenagers in the video got angry or upset, they often used adult words that Sister had never heard. Sister assumes that the words are like "phooey" or "fudge", but more mature. After a few more hours with Lizzy, Sister goes home for dinner.

At dinner, Sister tells her family about the video. Brother who had also seen the video with Barry questions whether or not Sister was old enough to be watching the video. Offended, Sister says that she liked the video a lot, but, accidentally knocks over her glass of milk.

Intending to say "Oh, phooey! Everyone at the table is shocked, and Sister tells Mama all about the adult words. Mama tells Sister that the words she heard from the video are not nice words, and should never be used by any cub, regardless of how angry or upset they are. When Sister asks whether grown-ups use those words, Mama sternly turns her attention to Papa.

Papa starts to tell Sister about situations when grown-ups do use bad words E. G hitting their thumb with a hammer, or when wrong moves occur in sports , only to be cut off by Mama.

Mama sighs, and answers that it just becomes a habit. At the mall, some bears go up and down on the escalators. But they go too far when they go up the down escalator, and some go down the up escalator. The mall owner calls the police and the kids get back to their school. At a hat store, Momma discards her old hat and shops for a new one. She finds a reason to reject each hat that is brought to her, until she happens upon her old hat, declares it perfect, and leaves the store with it.

During her first day at the school, she ends up befriending Brother, who has developed a crush on her and vice versa. Meanwhile, a school rendition of Romeo and Juliet helps both clans realize what could happen if they continue to feud with one another.

In the end, Brother and Bonnie are able to continue with their friendship. Instead of buying one from Grizzly Gus, they go out into the forest, despite the cold and snow, and find various trees that appear to be homes to all kinds of animals.

When they come upon their last tree, Papa looks into a tiny window of the trunk and sees a family of snowbirds spending Christmas together and realizes that Christmas is the time to be thinking of family and friends. They head back to the Christmas tree lot, only to find that Gus has sold every last tree.

They are disappointed until they see their own tree decorated with help from the animals who returned the kindess to them. Professor Actual Factual sends his nephew to school, Ferdinand "Ferdy" Factual, who is very smart but socially awkward.

Queenie approaches Ferdy, who teaches her how to play chess. After school, Brother invites Ferdy to come to his place to play video games, but Ferdy declines the offer, as he agreed to meet Queenie to help her with schoolwork. The next day, when Ferdy plays chess by himself again, he sees Brother playing with the ball. He asks him to pass the ball, but Brother refuses as he looks like he is pretending he does not want it.

Eventually Brother throws the ball, but Ferdy is talking to Queenie and does not see the ball coming, so hits him on the stomach. Queenie laughs and Ferdy runs away. Brother chases after him and tells Ferdy that he was showing off and apologizes. Brother also admits that he is concerned about an upcoming football game against a tough team, so Ferdy offers to help out by using his chess skills to look at play patterns. The school cheers Brother and the players, and the coach says Ferdy is the best team manager he has ever had.

At the Bear Country School, the cubs help Mr. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. In case you thought you were getting all new episodes, be aware that the 5 episodes on this dvd are all found on other berenstain bear dvds, just they repackaged this with a different name. The episodes on this one are: My daughter loves B.

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The berenstain bears homework hassle meaning - picture homework help By (1/3) a german packet to do, a history book chapter to read, an algebra assignment to do, .

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Sep 11,  · Related Post of Spain research paper equity corporate finance assignment london i need help writing my personal statement extracurricular speech about homework. The Berenstain Bears and the Homework Hassle has ratings and 33 reviews. Kathryn said: This book has had a positive impact on my oldest, who is almos /5.

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The Berenstain Bears and the Homework Hassle by Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain This classic Berenstain Bears story is a perfect way to teach children about personal responsibility and the importance of school!5/5(2). Sep 11,  · National geographic on assignment addiction science (berenstain bears homework help dvd) Hehe, i wrote ronaldo reagan on a essay. freudian slip. american revolution summary essay on once more to the lake.