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❶A website made by the local, state, department or national government of a country. Not to be confused with WebCite.

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If you like to submit your articles with a huge number of followers, then consider Hubpages. This platform is so easy to use and allows you to post articles according to your preference. In just one month, Hubpages has millions of visitors and this figure is very useful if you want to create more followers to your websites. Examiner is more focused on news.

When people use search engine, they can use a tool to limit their search to only news. So when they do this, you better be in the first page of news SERP. Thus, examiner can help you with this objective. ArticleBase is actually an article directory that has 26 categorical topics such as finance, home improvement, health, and education. Technorati is a search engine by itself, but it specializes in searching blogs and articles. There are over hundreds of blogs indexed in Technorati and many Internet citizens are using Technorati to find the right blogs.

Technorati is a combination of two words which are technology and literati. Adding these two terms will mean technological awareness or knowledge. ArticleCity is one of the most successful websites that offer thousands of free articles. You may ask how this may help you. Many people are easily lured with free items. In ArticleCity, there are many people who are constantly going back and forth to the website to find something interesting. So, you must be in ArticleCity to tap into this rich community.

As a general rule, the website will not offer your articles to people without prior notice. Seeking Alpha is fundamentally a stock market analysis website primarily focusing in American economy. This website will be very helpful if your industry or niche is of business and finances. Not all articles submitted to Seeking Alpha are approved. They tend to only approve around 50 percent of the total number of submitted articles daily and it only accepts 25 percent of new authors.

There are over 5 million active users of Seeking Alpha. You might have heard about this website since it is recently gaining popularity. Submitting articles to ArticleAlley is very easy. You really do not need technical skills or knowledge to post blogs. Currently, there are over half a million authors who actively use ArticleAlley and they all have contributed millions of articles. State Department put eight months into developing the unit before scrapping it. Intelligence officials explained to former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer John R.

Schindler that the Obama Administration decided to cancel the unit as they were afraid of antagonizing Russia. Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel was point person for the unit before it was canceled.

Adrian Chen observed a pattern in December where pro-Russian accounts became supportive of U. The Guardian estimated their number to be in the "low thousands" in November Weisburd and Watts collaborated with colleague J. Berger and published a follow-up to their Daily Beast article in online magazine War on the Rocks , titled: Computer security company FireEye concluded Russia used social media as a weapon to influence the U.

Intelligence agencies debated why Putin chose summer to escalate active measures. Clapper said after the —13 Russian protests , Putin lost self-confidence , and responded with the propaganda operation.

Fake news has influenced political discourse in multiple countries, including Germany , [8] Indonesia and the Philippines , [9] Sweden , [10] China , [64] [65] Myanmar , [66] [12] and the United States. Politicians in Austria dealt with the impact of fake news and its spread on social media after the presidential campaign in the country.

Fake news online was brought to the attention of Canadian politicians in November , as they debated helping assist local newspapers. Fake news during the U. Officials from 11 countries held a meeting in Helsinki in November , in order to plan the formation of a center to combat disinformation cyber-warfare including spread of fake news on social media.

France saw an uptick in amounts of disinformation and propaganda, primarily in the midst of election cycles. German Chancellor Angela Merkel lamented the problem of fraudulent news reports in a November speech, days after announcing her campaign for a fourth term as leader of her country. India had over 50 million accounts on the smartphone instant messenger Whatsapp in Fake news went viral over Whatsapp that the note came equipped with spying technology which tracked bills meters below the earth.

Fraudulent news has been particularly problematic in Indonesia and the Philippines , where social media has an outsized political influence. Between October 1 and November 30, , ahead of the Italian constitutional referendum , five out of ten referendum-related stories with most social media participation were hoaxes or inaccurate.

President Obama and leaders of Europe at a meeting in Berlin , Germany in November , and spoke about the fake news problem. The Five Star Movement M5S , an Italian political party founded by Beppe Grillo , managed fake news sites amplifying support for Russian news, propaganda, and inflamed conspiracy theories. Cyberwarfare against Renzi increased, and Italian newspaper La Stampa brought attention to false stories by Russia Today which wrongly asserted a pro-Renzi rally in Rome was actually an anti-Renzi rally.

We have to act now. Amid the local elections in Moldova a doctored video with mistranslated subtitles purported to show that the a pro-Europe party candidate for mayor of Chisinau pop. In , fake stories using unrelated photographs and fraudulent captions were shared online in support of the Rohingya. Khawaja Muhammad Asif , the Minister of Defence of Pakistan , threatened to nuke Israel on Twitter after a false story claiming that Avigdor Lieberman , the Israeli Ministry of Defense , said "If Pakistan send ground troops into Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack.

The Swedish Security Service issued a report in identifying propaganda from Russia infiltrating Sweden with the objective to amplify pro-Russian propaganda and inflame societal conflicts. In a report in December by The China Post , a fake video shared online showed people a light show purportedly made at the Shihmen Reservoir.

Deutsche Welle interviewed the founder of Stopfake. Zimdars later removed the website from her list, after the Eye had contacted her for clarification.

Fraudulent stories during the U. Flynn , and then-campaign managers Kellyanne Conway and Corey Lewandowski shared fake news stories during the campaign. After the election, Republican politicians and conservative media began to appropriate the term by using it to describe any news they see as hostile to their agenda, according to The New York Times , which cited Breitbart News , Rush Limbaugh and supporters of Donald Trump as dismissing true mainstream news reports, and any news they do not like as "fake news".

I would definitely not rule that out. Members of the U. Senate Intelligence Committee traveled to Ukraine and Poland in March and heard about Russian operations to influence internal Ukrainian matters. State Department to act against foreign propaganda.

Senators stated they planned to hold hearings and investigate Russian influence on the U. President Barack Obama commented on fake news online in a speech the day before Election Day in , saying social media spread lies and created a "dust cloud of nonsense". Intelligence Community to conduct a complete review of the Russian propaganda operation.

In November , fake news sites and Internet forums falsely implicated the restaurant Comet Ping Pong and Democratic Party figures as part of a fictitious child trafficking ring, which was dubbed " Pizzagate ".

He brought a semi-automatic rifle , and fired shots before being arrested; no one was injured. Flynn and his son Michael G. Flynn were criticized by many reporters for spreading the rumors. Capitol , and called the problem an epidemic. In the aftermath of the U. On April 25, Ben Gomes wrote a blog post announcing changes to the search algorithms that would stop the "spread of blatantly misleading, low quality, offensive or downright false information.

The World Socialist Web Site insists that the "fake news" charge is a cover to remove anti-establishment websites from public access, and believes the algorithm changes are infringing on the democratic right to free speech. One day after Google took action, Facebook decided to block fake sites from advertising there. Top staff members at Facebook did not feel simply blocking ad revenue from fraudulent sites was a strong enough response, and they made an executive decision and created a secret group to deal with the issue themselves.

Facebook faced criticism after its decision to revoke advertising revenues from fraudulent news providers, and not take further action. National Public Radio observed the changes being considered by Facebook to identify fraud constituted progress for the company into a new media entity.

Fake news proliferation on Facebook had a negative financial impact for the company. Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research predicted that revenues could decrease by two percentage points due to the concern over fake news and loss of advertising dollars. Society of Professional Journalists president Lynn Walsh said in November that they would reach out to Facebook to assist weeding out fake news.

Africa Check , FactCheck. On 15 December , Facebook announced more specifics in its efforts to combat fake news and hoaxes on its site. New York magazine contributor Brian Feldman responded to an article by media communications professor Melissa Zimdars, and used her list to create a Google Chrome extension that would warn users about fraudulent news sites.

He compared salacious reporting of scandals, whether true or not, to coprophilia and the consumption of it to coprophagy. Jamie Condliffe wrote that banning ad revenue from fraudulent sites was not aggressive enough action by Facebook to deal with the problem, and did not prevent fake news from appearing in Facebook news feeds.

Hoaxy — to see the pervasiveness of unconfirmed assertions as well as related debunking on the Internet.


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